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You’re probably wondering what’s the fuss about glamping and thinking to yourself no thank you, it’s not for me … Well, you could be wrong because it might just be the type of holiday you NEED We just going to give you 5 reasons why it is for you, I mean that’s all its going to take to convince you (insert cheeky smile) What better way to travel without having...
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WE’RE TAKING ON THAILAND!!! Yes, you read right. After that much anticipated wait, we are FINALLY going back to the place they call the “Land of Smiles” Pack your bags and join us as we take on Thailand. 9 days of pure tourist behavior along with incredible sightseeing and taking in the glorious culture of the typical thai tradition. We begin our journey with 6 fun-filled nights in one of...
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What better way to travel than travelling in a group? Sometimes we put off this idea of travelling in a group because of many things like being too scared, it can be intimidating and so the list goes on. But really, travelling in a group has so many good benefits not only for you but for your soul (okay yes we are getting that deep). Here is the answer to...
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If you don’t know, now you know! Ever dabbled the thought of why you should travel with Roadtrippers travel? Fear not, we will be your voice of reasoning to why you should! Who doesn’t like a stress-free holiday? Guess what, everything is done for you. And when we say everything, we mean; the planning (tick), The logistics (tick), the activities included (tick). Sounds pretty cool to us. Imagine not having...
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Why glamping with Roadtrippers is the next holiday you didn’t know you needed!  What could be better than fresh air, the spirit of ubuntu, mountains, bonfires and limited cell phone reception??  After some thinking, this is what we have concluded:  It’s that Peace and Quiet for us…. away from the hustle and bustle of life’s busyness.  Glamping is the perfect experience to unplug and enjoy the simplicity of nature. Forget...
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